WP1 – Project Management and Coordination

The work package is devoted to the management of the project in terms of all technical, administrative and financial matters.


  • To Monitor compliance with the work of the overall project plan, the available resources and timing.
  • To safeguard progress and continuity of the project.
  • To create the necessary interface to the EU services and other external stakeholders.
  • To monitor the maintenance of the project web pages and use web-based project management tools.
  • To ensure quality of the project results.

Description of work

  • Task 1.1: Project administration
  • Task 1.2: Project management
  • Task 1.3: Quality management

Partners involved

The TU Delft is work package leader in WP1.

Contact info WP1 Leader: Eva Spoor

The partners actively involved in WP1 are:

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