WP8 – Screw Machines

The work package is devoted to the integration of the novel CAE technologies developed in WP2, WP3, WP4 into the design workflow for the MOTOR Product screw machines.


  • To create parametric geometry models of twin-screw machines turbines using advanced geometric functionality from WP2 <link>
  • To create a multi-stage optimization tool for the design of twin-screw machines with variable rotor pitch
  • To demonstrate the overall advantages of variable rotor pitch screw machines in terms of energy efficiency for different applications


Description of work

  • Task 8.1: Analysis-suitable volumetric NURBS parameterization for twin screw machines generated from input data in the design space (profile cross sections, parametric function of rotor pitch along the z-axis, length-to-diameter ratio, inner-volume ratio, gap heights, inlet/outlet pipes
  • Task 8.2: Multi-stage shape optimization tool for twin screw machines combining 0D chamber-model simulations with detailed 3D CFD simulations for selected configurations to obtain improved gap flow coefficients for the 0D simulations
  • Task 8.3: Multi-stage shape optimization of twin screw machines with variable rotor pitch for different operating conditions
  • Task 8.4: Design and realization of a prototype twin screw machine with variable rotor pitch (dual-pitch rotor)
  • Task 8.5: Building test rig and experimental investigation of the prototype twin screw machine

Partners involved

The TUDO is work package leader in WP8.
Contact info WP8 Leader: Andreas Brümmer

The other partners actively involved in WP9 are:

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