WP6 – Ship Propellers

The work package is devoted to the integration of the novel CAE technologies developed in WP2, WP3, WP4 into the design workflow for the MOTOR Product ship propellers.


  • To create a multi-objective multi-stage optimization tool for the design of ship propellers with high efficiency and low noise emissions for multiple points of operations (several drafts, propeller pitch deflection angles) using the novel optimization technologies from WP4
  • To optimize the ship propeller by integrating the propeller-induced forces (PIF) directly into the design chain and to fully exploit the design space, while simultaneously replacing the manual manipulation of the propeller design

Description of work

  • Task 6.1: Parametric description of ship propeller geometries in MARIN’s CAD environment
  • Task 6.2: Free-form deformation tool for ship propellers that allows for separate free-form deformation of the profiles superimposed on the free-form deformation of the lifting surface
  • Task 6.3: Optimization using BEM to determine a strategy (or strategies) to design a large family of propellers that form a Pareto front showing the trade-off between the various optimization goals
  • Task 6.4: Optimization using RANS for selected propeller designs from the Pareto front using free-form deformation and gradient-based techniques
  • Task 6.5: Evaluation of the design workflow for two test cases from an industrial partner

Partners involved

MARIN is work package leader in WP6.
Contact info WP6 Leader: Maarten Flikkema

The other partners actively involved in WP6 are: 


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