WP5 – Aircraft Engines

The work package is devoted to the integration of the novel CAE technologies developed in WP2, WP3, WP4 into the design workflow for the MOTOR Product aircraft engines.



  • To apply the newly developed geometry modelling techniques from WP2 to optimize the shape of the flow passage within aircraft engines in a user-friendly and fully-automated manner
  • To redesign a Turning-Mid-Turbine-Frame (TMTF) with a significant axial shortening while maintaining the overall pressure loss and the influx for the downstream Low-Pressure-Turbine (LPT)

Description of work

  • Task 5.1: Volumetric parameterization of the flow passage making use of multivariate adaptive spline technologies and efficient and flexible transformation from topologically equivalent templates
  • Task 5.2: Integration of smooth free-form volumetric deformation technologies into MTU’s automated shape optimization framework
  • Task 5.3: Redesign of the Turning-Mid-Turbine-Frame (TMTF) using the fully-automated shape optimization framework and applying hot-cold-transformation to the operating-condition-optimized engine part to deform it to the corresponding initial ‘cold’ shape that is manufactured in the CAM process

Partners involved

The MTU is work package leader in WP5.
Contact info WP5 Leader: David.Grossmann

The other partners actively involved in WP5 are: 


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