WP2 – Geometry Modules

The work package is devoted to the creation of novel CAE technologies for the MOTOR Geometry Modules and their integration in the open-source G+Smo library and the commercial software product MERGE, respectively.


To provide geometric functionalities to enable multi-objective design optimization of fluid energy machines. A firm mathematical basis with special emphasis on adaptive multivariate spline technologies will be established to achieve the following objectives:

  • Definition of design spaces via volumetric deformation tools
  • Creation of high quality hexahedral and tetrahedral by geometry aware multi-physic mesh generation
  • Creation of isogeometric analysis suitable volume models

Description of work

  • MM 2.1: Shape deformation based on volumetric approaches to enable the creation of smooth free-form volumetric deformations with the possibility of adaptive refinement.
  • MM 2.2: Geometry-aware volumetric multi-physics mesh generation to enable the creation of volumetric tet/hex meshes for multi-domain geometries that match the interface between two disciplines and represent curved boundaries and interfaces accurately
  • MM 2.3: Geometry-aware block structuring of three-dimensional free-form domains into topological hexahedra and creation of NURBS volume parameterizations suitable for isogeometric analysis
  • MM 2.4: Multivariate adaptive spline technology

Partners involved

The UNI LINZ is work package leader in WP2.
Contact info WP2 Leader: Bert Juettler

The other partners actively involved in WP2 are:

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