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D1.127/10/2015Project presentation of objective and work plan
D1.215/12/2015Website online
D2.113/09/2016Report and prototype software for multivariate adaptive spline technology
D2.301/09/2017Report and prototype software for geometry-aware block structuring and volume parameterization
D2.430/08/2018Report on shape deformation techniques based on volumetric approaches
D3.130/08/2016Report and prototype structural mechanics solver
D3.228/02/2017Report and prototype software for incompressible flow solver
D3.331/05/2017Report and prototype of compressible flow solver
D3.422/02/2017Visualization Environment
D3.529/08/2018Report on FSI coupling
D3.628/02/2018Report and prototype on incompressible turbulent flow solver
D5.115/09/2016Volumetric parameterization of the flow passage using adaptive spline technologies and the proposed template mapping


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Anna-Pia Lohfink, Christoph Garth16/06/2016MAFELAP 2016, Uxbridge, UKDirect visualisation of IGA simulation models on modern GPUs
Matthias Möller16/06/2016MAFELAP 2016, Uxbridge, UKSolving compressible flow problems by isogeometric analysis
Matthias Möller06/04/2017IACM FEF 2017, Rome, ItalyHigh-order isogeometric methods for compressible flows: Part 2: Towards efficient implementations on HPC platforms


Matthias Utri, Andreas Brümmer23rd International Compressor Engineering
Conference at Purdue
Improvement of the Efficiency of Twin-Screw Refrigeration Compressors by means of Dual Lead Rotors

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124/10/2016 Newsletter #1 September 2016
224/04/2017 Newsletter #2 April 2017
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