G+Smo developer days 2017 and parameterisation roundtable meeting

Location Delft, The Netherlands - the MOTOR partners in Delft (Matthias Möller, Kees Vuik, Deborah Dongor) organised a four-days workshop from 30 January until 2 February 2017 to discuss the latest developments in the open-source C++ library G+Smo (Geometry + Simulation Modules, pronounced "gismo") and in parameterisation technologies being developed during the first 18 month of the MOTOR project. Some of the main achievements in G+Smo are the integration of the highly efficient solver backend from the Trilinos project  which makes G+Smo more useable for realistic industrial applications, the progress of the flow solvers developed in WP3 and the realisation of a novel variational formulation framework based on expression templates. The adaptive THB-Spline technology has received much interest from the project partner MARIN who developed a G+Smo plug-in for the Rhino software, which is used in daily production. Due to the success of the G+Smo developer days it is planned to continue this event once per year.

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